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    Need help! Husband and I introduced our 5 week old ducks to the flock we have. We have 1 drake and 2 ducks in the coop. As soon as we put the newbies in there, the drake started tearing them up and being really aggressive, it looked like the girls were trying to stop him. Is this normal behavior for a drake?? We thought maybe one or both of the younger ducks may be drakes and the older one doesn't want him/them. My husband got one out quickly and the other was able to escape thru a small hole. Both unharmed. How do we transition the flocks together?? Also, I'm letting the girls keep their eggs instead of collecting them but they are not nesting yet, still getting them built up.
  2. Drakes can be and are aggressive when protecting their's worse during breeding season...Your Ducklings are way too young to be introduced into a mature flock....You will need a separate pen so they can see each other for a few weeks before a real introduction can take place....:)

    Best of luck......:)
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    That's what I was thinking and planning on doing. Building a smaller pen inside the coop, for ducks and chickens. They have been inside and we just recently moved them to the porch. Will keep them there a while longer. Thanks!
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    When the ducklings are older, it will still take time before the flock will accept them. They have grown used to their group and any additions will be considered outsiders. In our experience, they may try to chase off and or ignore the new ones for a good while before they let them free range with them. We had this experience when we got our first new addition last spring and though she was female, the group did not like a new one around. The only one who seemed not to care was the female. It just takes time, eventually all will work out. Just keep them close to one another but separated so they grow used to being around one another but not allowing contact where one can harm the other.

  5. Great plan....As they get older and start mingling it will be fine....;)........

  6. Also, I forgot to mention....If older Ducks hear peeping and not quacks they have no idea what to think..??

    Wait till they actually Quack and do not Peep....;)

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    Lol, drakes can be quite the a-holes. Nothing unusual about that. Take the separate pen advice and be prepared for the drake and his hens to ignore the ducklings for up to several weeks after you stick them together. In a few months though, you'll never know they once hated the new additions.
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