Aggressive female muscovy - help with training?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Fawkes, Oct 19, 2013.

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    May 8, 2011
    Nymeria, my imprinted 5 month old duck, is aggressive. She's gotten more aggressive in the last month so I'm thinking it could be due to hormones? She's only recently started biting me, before she would only bite my parents, brother, cats and dogs and even then it wasn't so bad. Now the aggressive towards them has increased.

    Now in the last week she's even started chasing my feral muscovies when we're outside. She's recently gotten aggressive over her pool, water bowl and food bowl too. And random things make her aggressive e.g she'll see me wearing a new shirt and start attacking me over it.

    I've never dealt with such aggression before (with other ducks I usually just have to say 'no' and they stop biting) so I'm not really sure what the best training method would be. Anyone have any tips? I was thinking positive training i.e if she stops pursuing family members when I tell her to I could praise her and give her a treat.
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    First off don't pick her up at all, you might try positive training and if you do please post how it's going. I had to actually use pretty tuff love tactics with my drake who we raised in the house, And to teach my geese to leave the dogs alone I use a long mop handle, when they would come towards the dogs I put the handle between them and the dog and say no. No all I have to do is use my stern voice no and they listen. I have also used the broom to put it between myself and my hormonal drake to keep him off of me, and my gander to keep him from biting me. I have even held my drake down in the same manner another drake would to get the message across I'm not going to put up with his foolishness. He is a good boy now.

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