Aggressive hen and roo

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    Oct 2, 2010
    I have a RIR roo and a buff orpington hen that were hatched together in August. The roo has just started crowing and I'm waiting for an egg from my hen. I also have two RSL hens that are probably about a year old now. They were squatting for me until my roo started crowing and "doing his thing" with them. Now they run when I try to touch them. The BO hen has never squatted for me yet but just recently started getting very aggressive. The rooster has begun to challenge us also and growls every time me or my youngest daughter goes outside. We have been chasing him around the yard and he usually backs off when we do, but the hen is very aggressive and will try to attack. If you even think about putting your and out she will peck very hard at you. She pecks at my legs if I let her get that close. What should I do? We're new to this. These are our first chickens so I'm not that familiar with chicken behaviour. I've read quite a bit on here and understand I need to let the roo know I"m boss but what about her? Also, should I be picking up my roo? to be quite honest, I'm a bit intimidated to try.
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    For the hen:

    You need to grab her,pin her to the ground,ruffle her back feathers like she is being mated,then let her go.She will treat you as someone not to be reconed with anymore.

    For the roo:

    grab the same way as hen but put one handon roos back,then other hand grab end of comb (behind head) and pull back.the roo will scream but then release him. this works for me to passify an aggressive roo.if this doesnt work,freezer camp is an alternative.
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    Dont be afraid of him that just makes it worse he can tell you are afraid of him. Take a broom out side with you too. I wouldnt sugggest pinning little hen like she is being mounted ( stepped on by a roo) This behavior could have came from being mounted and she doesnt like that and feels frightend.
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    You have an aggressive rooster and hen! [​IMG] I never had both at one time to be aggressive. Sounds like your hen may be stressed out. I would separate your rooster for a while and see if that calms her down.

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