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    Jan 19, 2011
    So I have had my "young girls" since April 2010. They have been happy and continuously laying eggs. I have three bared rocks and two reds. One of my reds has been super friendly since the begining. Loves being pet, picked up, follows me around when I let them out... wants all the attention. I call her Looney Tunes or LT for short hahaha. This week she started trying to peck my eyes out! Literally! If I am in the coup she will run up to the top of the roost near my face and try to jump at my face.. if I bend over to refill water or put feed down, she tries to jump up to my face! The other day, as I was standing up, she ran to the water bowl, jumped on the edge of the bowl and tried to jump up to my face AGAIN! I have no idea whats going on! I still pet her, pick her up, feed them all treats, let them out, im still getting eggs... I just dont know what is going on! Any ideas?


    p.s how do I put pics of her on my post?
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    I don't know alot new to this too. But I do notice mine fly up at me if they think I have treats. Could this be the problem? Mine think I am the feeding machine and whenever they see me I should have food. Some are more aggresive than the others. Good luck.Sorry also [​IMG] from GA
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    My advice is: be the top of the pecking order.

    What I do if any hen tries to peck my boots or jump at/on me is the following:

    I grab her- if necessary I chase her around the run until I have a hold of her.
    Then, I put her on the ground and push down with my hands to not let her move or stand up.

    I hold her down on the ground like that for maybe 5-10 seconds. This shows her that I am boss.

    No chicken will let someone lower on the pecking order peck her without doing something in return.

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