Aggressive male being to aggressive?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by bayleef13, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Jul 15, 2013
    I have a a male khaki Campbell, named Calvin and him and my two other ducks have all been fine together before. The other day I added two new girls to my tiny flock, so now I have 5 ducks total. 4 girls and Calvin. As soon as I let the new ducks with mine Calvin immediately began mating with them which I found normal, I figured after about 2-3 days he would calm down and note mate with them so constantly, but it has been a week and my new girls are missing neck feathers and im worried that he may start biting their skin and the girls will get infections or become ill. He is completely normal with my other ducks that he was raised with, it's just these two girls that he picks on. Should I separate him from them? Is this because they are so new and how long will it last?

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    If all the girls are getting along I'd take Calvin and put him in a separate place so the girls can heal and he can clam down a bit. He is looking at these girls as intruders and not as part of his harem. Hopefully after being without the girls for about a week he'll feel differently towards them, I'd put him where they can all still see each other but he can't get to the ducks. If that idea doesn't appeal to ya, then remove the girls to a separate area but where everyone can see each other so they can get use to one another, I'm thinking the first idea is the better one though. [​IMG]

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