Aggressive male muscovy

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Bigcreekpeafowl, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Bigcreekpeafowl

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    Aug 1, 2011
    Southern Indiana
    Our muscovies have grown so fast! Hatched out 10 ducklings this spring and they are already adult size.
    There are 6 drakes and 4 hens.

    There is one male who was always nibbling (named him Nibs) on my hands and very friendly. They are all tame and love to eat bread from our hands.
    But oh how Nibs has changed.

    He is starting to attack me. Yesterday it was quite cool and I had a sweater on. He attacked my legs then grabbed hold of my sweater with his mouth. He got his toenails in my sweater and climbed up my back so quick I was totally "took" by surprise! He had his bill filled with my hair and sweater just hissing and biting.

    I was able to reach around and grab him which just really peed him off. He kept on trying to attack.
    I tried to put my hands on his back to hold him down but it didn't seem to damping his "hormonal" drive (which I am assuming was why he has started this).

    Now I know why the little hens are avoiding being penned at night with the males. The hens are starting to fly up and spending the night in a large white pine tree now. Which I would rather they not because of predators.

    Any advice on how to curb Nibs aggressive behavior towards me? Of course my husband just laughs when he sees Nibs going after me. Nibs does not attack him so it is all funny he thinks. Except when we came in later and I had two places where I was bleeding from his nails.

    This morning he tried again and Hoss one of our free range peacocks was nearby and jumped him and pecked the heck out of him. Nibs walked slowly away hissing at both of us.

    Any ideas? Maybe I should try to find homes for a few of the males?
  2. FarmerGrant011

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    May 25, 2011
    Sugar Land, TX
    I have heard muscovy taste really good [​IMG] I would seriously think about getting rid of all the males except one or two that get along with everyone and look pretty too. Can I see a picture of all the males?
  3. Czech's_chicks

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    Jul 24, 2011
    Vista, CA
    They are very aggressive. They can hurt smaller ducks and kill ducklings. If you are raising to breed you DO NOT want an aggressive drake. I agree, they taste wonderful, that is why I raise them for meat, but I won't tolerate a mean and aggressive ANYTHING.

    He is trying to assert himself over you and that is not wise.

    Best of luck!
  4. Bigcreekpeafowl

    Bigcreekpeafowl Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 1, 2011
    Southern Indiana
    Thanks for the replies. I too have heard Muscovy is tasty. Don't know if I could eat one though since they have been such pets until Nibs as of late.

    I did go out and took a few photos of them. Since they have matured the males don't hang together in a large group as they did when they were younger. So getting a group photo was impossible since they have the run of the farm during the day.
    Our peacock Hoss is getting brownie points by sticking close by. He now trails Nibs since the commotion.

    First pic is Nibs and hens Lacey and Shasta
    Hoss on guard
    Blue, a nice Guy.
    Count, another nice Drake.
    VI on the left is my favorite Drake.
    Group photo from about a month or so ago, sorry about it being sideways.
  5. calgal98

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    If you can't eat them, you can ship them to me in California. We can trade drakes (when I have one) so we aren't attached to the ones we eat!! LOL. Sorry you are going through this. I plan to eat my drakes if they get aggressive. They are still young so not seeing that yet. I have grandkids that love to be out with the critters and won't tolerate any aggressive behavior. Its too easy to get new ones (not the gkids--the ducks) I have lots of livestock, and the bottom line is attitude and ability to get along = a longer life.
  6. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    With six drakes and 4 hens, you have far too many drakes. Keep two of the calmest, least aggressive and rehome/eat the rest. Young muscovy drakes are extremely tasty. [​IMG]
  7. Going Quackers

    Going Quackers Overrun With Chickens

    May 24, 2011
    On, Canada
    I know all to well, i have one that went after my mother.. he tried it with me and well he won't be doing that again but he's getting beyond, i to will not tolerate such behaviour.. totally unreasonable & unprovoked attacks, my biggest drake doesn't even try such nonsense.. clearly my smaller one thinks he owns the world lol

    I don't eat duck [​IMG] Just a personal preference but if he continues this behaviour he will go and whatever his fate will be, will be. I admit i adore my hens.. but these drakes i have little use for especially if there going to be nasty.. [​IMG]
  8. bufforp89

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    Jul 26, 2009
    Chenango Forks NY
    I have always found it really hard to keep more then one scovie drake, they always get really aggressive with each other and fight horribly. If Nibs was here, he would soon find himself in the freezer. I have 2 drakes now and 8 ladies and they still fight and have to be separated in the Spring despite the fact that Roland (the top drake) is Kilo's (second male) father and they have been with each other since Kilo hatched.... temperamental creatures...
  9. Bigcreekpeafowl

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    Aug 1, 2011
    Southern Indiana
    Yes the realization of removing all but one or two is becoming more evident every day.
    Today's weather being a perfect fall day and I having all of free from work (except feeding and fowl chores). I dragged the lounge chair out and decided to bask in the sun for a while.

    Having settled in for about 10 minutes I feel a hard pinch on my upper leg. I sat up instantly, rudely startled from my relaxed sunbath. Nibs had a good hold of my thigh twisting his head while pinching the heck out of me. [​IMG]
    I holler "ouch" at the top of my lungs. The peacock Hoss running to assist, I grab Nibs just holding him tightly trying to keep from getting scratched or bit again. He just sat there. I put him down after a few minutes. He walked away hissing.

    Had no more trouble the rest of the day, but he did go and fight with the hens. Which makes me mad since they are so sweet. They fly up into a tree or on top of the garage to get away from him.
    He is too heavy to fly his bad butt around. Good for the hens.

    We will try to find someone here locally to take at least 4 of the drakes. If he keeps this up beforehand we just might have to find out how tasty Muscovy is after all.
  10. Balefire

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Orwigsburg PA
    Agressiv drake = Frezer Camp
    Sorry, but it is to dagerous to have a agressiv drake from that size. [​IMG]

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