Aggressive, Protective, or Possessive baby chick?! (Cute Warning)


8 Years
May 31, 2011
My gosh, just when I think I know a bird...
Well anyways here's the cute story I have to share. I've posted all over this website about my adorable little ShamoXOEGB chick, Aiko.

Well I've literally had her with me every hour of the day since the day after she hatched. Since I didn't want her to be alone when I feared the other birds would trample her with the hen, well needless to say I'm her mommy and I get to see all the weird and cute quirks up close and personal. Even the other chicks which are afraid of me come up to me real close and let me pet them when Aiko is out.

Today I went outside to bring the hen and her babes outside and I let little Aiko play around them (Chicken makes me nervous though… one peck and Aiko's a goner so I keep her real close) the other chicks grew REALLY interested in her and came running over.

Aiko was the first one to do it. I was making the summoning I GOT TREATS cluck (which mystifies my mom as to how i do it..hehe) and the chicks came to where I was "pecking" the ground. Aiko was NOT too pleased and pecked the little blonde chick RIGHT in the face, and it went cheeping back to mom. Another chick came over (a suspected roo, he's black and like twice the size of Aiko) and Aiko rushed him like she wanted to fight and drove him away from me.

She's sooo little so the behavior is really cute, she won't let the other chicks near me. Or is it near her? Or her territory?

I personally think she doesn't want other chicks near her mama so they'd better not come over or she'll peck them square in the eye….

This is Aiko, my protector of great strengths…. she's also pecking my keyboard as i type...
With that type if aggression, Aiko maybe a rooster... Sorry to say.... :( how old in she/he because normally only roosters are aggressive like that.. I've never heard of such an aggressive and protective hen, because usually as chicks hens are cowards and the roosters are aggressive and protective. he/she is soooo cute! :D

Lots of Love,
Cami Wammi Bammi
THAT'S what I thought. But then again my hen "Chicken" was a very aggressive chick too and she's my broody hen.
She even chased my mom's dog as a pullet o.0
So IDK =(

To be honest… I really want a rooster. So if "Aiko" ends up a "Aidan" I'm 100% okay with that. And if I get another hen i'm 100% okay with that too. It's a pet so it doesn't matter which gender.
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