Aggressive Roo and Irresponsible Owners

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    Not my Roo, but was my nephews...He ended up killing him, which is bothersome to me because I feel it was his fault to a degree and I'm needing resolution.

    My nephew originally started with 6 peeps and only just because, didn't do research, etc. and would just ask me for advice/opinions etc. I have 12 chicks that free range, they free range on about 1 acre of land. I told him not to jump into this just because I have them and their neat. Either way he jumped into this in the spring, his coop is very small and the run is only maybe 10x10", coop does not even have roosting bars. I have been there a couple of times and there would be no feed or water and have even driven home to get some because he was out...Anyway he brought 2 more chicks and than again about 2 weeks later a roo into the mix, Roo was about a year old give or take, has had the Roo with this flock for about 2 months...he was a good boy up until a few days ago. One hen had showed some signs of injury and I told him to isolate her upon which he didn't and the entire flock ended pecking her to the put he had to put her down. Then Wednesday another hen, the roo had her pinned and was aggressively pecking and shaking her and holding her down. He ended up killing the root. He called me asking if I wanted the Roo and I told him not interested at this time and I would be right over. Meanwhile he had already killed him.

    I let him have it because he hasn't been a responsible owner and it floors me because chickens are the easiest animal I have ever taken care of all you have to do is provide the basics and they do the rest. Told him more than likely this happened because there are too many birds in his flock and such close quarters and no matter what they have to have food & water at all times. I'm half tempted to just take his remaining 6 chicks but their not in the healthiest conditions and I'm afraid of infecting my flock..
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    I don't know how old your nephew is or how much influence you have on him but if he isn't willing to learn the basics (such as providing food & water), then he isn't ready to be responsible for chickens. Does he have other animals? If so, does he take better care of them? Do his parents know of and share your concerns? Maybe he would listen to them if they talk to him about his responsibilities to the animals he has.

    I wouldn't take a chance on adding his remaining birds to your existing flock. Who knows what you would be bringing home and introducing to your existing flock. And what's to keep him from just going out and getting more birds if you bail him out of this situation.

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