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Sep 19, 2008
Englewood, OH

I need some help. I have a RIR rooster, he's about 6mos old, and he keeps getting more & more aggressive towards me. He doesn't come after my husband or kids, just me. Not sure what to do about it. I have to take a rake in with me everytime I enter the chicken coop area, just in case he tries to attack me.

this morning was the worst yet, he actually flew up & tried to get my head, instead he got my hand that was protecting my head. He usually only tries when I'm by myself. If my kids or husband come in with me - he doesn't attempt anything.

This morning Randall John (my roo) got drop kicked by my husband after he attacked me. I havent been back in the yard since.

Don't know what to do. Any suggestions?


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Jul 2, 2008
West TN
This may sound harsh, but....
You need to drop-kick the roo yourself. You need to show him that you are boss...if you don't want to do that or it doesn't help, then you need to get rid of him or eat him. Life is too short to live in fear of a rooster! (he can put an eye out or leave a nasty scar if he has spurs)
Get mean or get rid of him!



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Aug 19, 2008
ohhh geez.....I know how you feel....we have a RIR rooster, who is an adult. man, he WAS mean! But of course, we didn't want to be meaner than he was, which was to just toss him in the pot like many people do, so we just avoided him. We raised him from a day old, yet, like many other RIR roosters, he turned aggressive. :eek: After allllll winter, and alll summer, over the weekend, we finally got to hold him. We decided to stop being so afraid and letting him feel bigger than us, so we got long sleeve shirts on and long legged pants, and we went out into the coop and tried picking him up. He started dancing around our legs, like he usually does, but once we picked him up, he calmed down, and he just sat still as we held him and patted him. Didn't bite or anything.
After doing this several times, we could finally go and not worry about him attacking us, but we had to be careful when the hens were around. Then he got protective. But in opinion, every living thing should get chances. Don't just kill him, which is a mistake many people make all the time. He needs to see who's boss, which is YOU. This doesn't mean you have to severely hurt him. This means that you pick him up, so that he knows you are bigger and you have power over him, or you can act like another rooster would act around him. Pretend you are a bigger rooster, and he is the smaller one. When he starts doing his job with the girls, push him off the hen. This is what roosters will do when another one decides to mount one of his ladies. He will go and push the other off, showing who's boss. And when it is feeding time, let the others feed first, then once they are done, don't chase him, let him come over and get the leftovers. I forgot who thought of these great ways, but that person said that it worked with her/his rooster. And once he is back in line, stop with these actions, let him eat with the rest, let him do his thing, and he will still know who's boss. That's one humane way to do it.
I hope this helps!!!!


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Sep 19, 2008
Englewood, OH
Thanks to all of you!! I've been out in the yard trying to be the "big rooster". I take a rake in with me as protection & I approached him and didn't back down (even though I was scared to death inside). I used a stern voice & tried to show him I'm the Queen of this pen.

It worked for a bit, but then the bloody bugger started to do a "growling" type sound (something I hadn't heard before) and then I was really frightened and then left.

I know it's ridiculous to afraid of a rooster, but he's attacked me so many times (we've had his since he was a day old) I guess he knows I'm a chicken.

I've even thought of letting my dogs scare him, but my great dane is a coward herself & I think Randall John would tear her up!!

I really don't want to get rid of him, I like the sound of him crowing & think he helps keep the predators at bay (we've had a history of racoon problems).

I suppose I will keep at it & hopefully he will realize I'm the boss, not him.

thanks again & if ya think of anything else, please I welcome any ideas/suggestions!


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Nov 9, 2007
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I believe in giving roosters a second chance, but only if your circumstances allow it. It'll take time on your part, as well as bravery, and I wouldn't even attempt it if there are small children around that the rooster could hurt.
If you do have small children or you just can't get past your fear of the roo, then I think it's best that you cull your rooster or re-home.
Take a look at my page on rooster reform - the link is located in my signature. Rooster-red also has an excellent home page on dealing with aggressive roosters. His page is located here:

It's important to remember that if you do decide to reform your roo and you're successful at it, that rooster will cease to be your friend. That's okay, roosters don't understand friendship anyhow. They only understand dominance. I lavish my love and attention on my hens and leave my roosters to do their job.

Good luck!
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Mar 10, 2007
It's not ridiculous to be afraid. They can do damage to your body. I had a very aggressive roo and I learned that I had to be the one to be aggresive towards him first. As soon as I went out, I chased him. I carried a hockey stick with me at all times! You have to let him know you are the top in the flock. Mine never stopped being aggessive. Always had to watch him. Try and be aggessive first and see if that helps. Good Luck!

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