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Apr 21, 2013
Denver, PA.
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My Coop
Has anyone else ever had to ...ummmm...well..."rid themselves" for the lack of a better term of a rooster because it started to get aggressive? My four beautiful boys that we hand our living room are starting to become sheer terrors. , 2 of them more than 4. Not sure what to do about them. yesterday...they chased me...only when I am walking away to come back to the house, they had my cat chased under the garden shed and my son and his girlfriend on TOP of the shed...I love them..they were my babies..but...I can't have them attacking everything that moves up there! Any thoughts?
Search the site for "aggressive roosters" and tons of threads will pop up. From what I read, aggressive roosters often end up in freezer camp, but sometimes people try to work through the issues. Your roosters are probably on the teenager/high hormones phase and may mellow as they get older, but you will have to address their behavior now as you don't want to let them get away with it.

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