Aggressive silkie!

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    Help! I have been raising three beautiful Silkies, two are around 5/6 months old and 1 is 3 months. My 2 older hens are laying and one hen, Korbel, is the king of the roost. she will exhibit normal pecking behaviors to remind the other hens that she is in charge. I just received five new Silkies about eight weeks old. I introduced them in the open run with a close eye especially on Korbel. Korbel started with a little pecking which I know is normal. She then chose one of the babies, chess bumped the baby and started to attack it. I immediately took Korbel and isolated her from the rest of the flock for the rest of the free range time. I have never seen her exhibit that kind of aggression and I hope someone can help me so the behavior can stop.

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    I'm not sure exactly how you integrated them. Here's some links that may be useful:

    If you did not follow some kind of structured integration plan, then you may wish to do so (just "pretend" that they have not seen each other before you begin).

    If you did follow something akin to any of the integration plans above, then I would suggest separating the aggressor (out of sight of the main flock) for a couple of weeks. This should hopefully influence her status within the flock, and calm things down.

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