Aggressive vs VERY confident chick


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May 20, 2020
I have three week old chicks, 3 jersey giants and 3 brahmas. They were “pullets” from TSC. One of the Jerseys, “Repecka” is very bold. She runs up to our hands and stands her ground and will peck. She is bossy to the others and leads the little group to eat and drink and when they go without her she will walk right through the group, disrupting them so she can eat from where she wants to eat. Is the “head chicken” behavior or could Repecka be a Robert? Either way, how should we deal with this behavior to try to simmer it down while she is still small and her pecks don’t hurt?


May 12, 2018
Central Virginia
Think this is typical, I always have a range from head mofo in charge down to runt of the group. It is very obvious in my current group, my austra white has never NOT been the first to anything.

might be worth a better pic of the chick, the comb is fairly blurry there and can’t tell if I am imagining it’s reddish.

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