Aging Birds - vaccume bags?


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Mar 3, 2011
So tonight when I do my roos, I am planning on giving them an ice water bath to chill them, but not to brine them.

But I keep a lot of produce in my fridge and do not have a large cooler to keep them in for 3 days, so I was thinking of vacum packing them and then aging them in the fridge in the vacume bags (no risk of leaks) stacking them in our fridge.

Then throw them in the freezer Friday morning (3 days).

That should work - right?

You could do that or just freeze them and rest/age them after you thaw them to cook. I usually thaw and allow the birds to set in the frig a couple of days before I cook them.
Aging prior to freezing in vac bags is fine. That way if you decide to have chicken for dinner on the spur of the moment you don't have to wait an additional day or two. Everybody does it differently.
As it turns out there was NO WAY they were fitting in my freezer bags.

I ended up stuffing each one in a one gallon zip lock bag (they barely fit and did not zip) and put a second bag on top to cover them...

Hubby wanted to make grilled chicken tonight and I said NO! we need to wait... So waiting we are...

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