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    Hi everyone! I am a first time chicken mom raising 3 chicks (a 10 day old sexlink, a 10 day old easteregger, and a 2 week old new hampshire red). The easter egger likes to peck at the sexlinks beak when it tries to eat and chases it back under the eco glow brooder. We try to watch them and prevent her from picking on them, but we cannot be there 24/7! We are concerned that the little one isnt eating as much as they are supposed to, but also are aware that the chicks may be establishing their pecking order. (no blood or wings have been shed.. its mainly just pecking on the beak!) We have also tried taking the chick out of the brooder to allow the little one to eat but they do not like be separated and call to each other! Any advice or maybe some treats we could feed the little one separately that would help her grow?
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    Put them back together. This pecking thing is normal and common during the first couple weeks. But occasionally, it might get worse instead of going away right away. In that case, you can train the chick not to do it by poking it on its back each time it engages in the bad behavior.

    This is such a common problem new chick people face that I wrote an article on how to prevent and stop this pecking problem.

    There are links for four articles listed below my post. Click on the last one.

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