Agressive Hen and Children?


5 Years
May 5, 2015
Hello All -
I recently inherited a small (3 bird) flock from my neighbor, and enjoy having chickens. Except for one of the birds which makes me think I'd enjoy having chicken soup. :) She's a RIR just over a year old and she's got some serious attitude. She'll charge from clear across the yard, puffed up to attack me and - more importantly - my four year old. She'll be happily foraging, then turn and run at the kids. I handle her daily - much to her dismay - when I have to return her to the coop because I'm leaving home (I don't yet trust that my fencing is totally chicken proof. The joys of suburban homesteading). She'll peck the bejeezus out of my feet and legs as I try to scoop her up - I've just taken to expecting this and wear my thick rubber rain boots. According to the neighbor she's always been this way (would peck him as a chick as he hand fed her and the others).

Any suggestions? Recipes? :) I'd really rather be her friend, and I don't want her going after the kiddo. Thank you!


6 Years
Jan 8, 2015
Seperate her in a pen or something for a weekend. Make sure you and anyone who is not "fair game" for pecking are going near her and just talking and walking around her without acknowleging her. She will learn that she cannot attack these "scary big things" and they wont hurt her. It also helps to have you going out to feed her in small increments so all food must come from you. I did this to a hen whom was just plain nasty. She acknowleges me as a bird at the top of the pecking order and hasn't attacked since.

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