Agressive rooster = doctor visit

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    Oct 31, 2008
    My newly acquired Blue Orpington rooster needed a behavior modification lesson yesterday. He just wasn't going for the sweet talking and treats, and kept attacking us through the fence. So I decided to tackle the bird by the feathers, so to speak, and went into the run, and avoiding his attacks, I cornered him and grabbed. In the flurry of feathers, his claws or spur ( don't know which) scraped my index finger open at the base. Not much blood and not very large, so I continued with tucking him under my arm and petting his raised hackles. My free, slightly bloody hand may have tightened around his hefty neck -- just a wee bit-- as I calmly mentioned stew pots and unruly roosters. His girls continued to scratch around me as I held him for about 10 minutes, continuing the calm but firm voice. I finally put him down quietly and he scooted off behind the coop! I won:)
    Then I thought I really should deal with the boo-boo since I had noticed his feet were not the cleanest items I had seen. My finger wound was only 2 layers deep and didn't bleed much at all, I cleaned, antibioticed, and bandaged it. I noticed it was feeling stiff and sore along the joints as the day progressed.
    This morning I thought I detected swelling and called the doc. By this afternoon there was redness.
    On the bright side, I am on oral antibiotic and doc says inflammation that comes on quickly has better recovery rates than inflammation that surfaces a week later. Also got my tetanus update:)
    And Mr. Blue avoids me when I go in the pen:)
    I assume he will challenge me again and we shall have to repeat the capture. I will find the leather gloves to wear first!
    Also, we WILL dremel his spurs. They are small but VERY sharp.
    Anyway, please watch carefully any rooster piercings! I was amazed at how quickly I felt the inflammatory stiffness building in my finger. I'd had rooster attacks in the legs before and they healed quickly. This was totally different and didn't seem any larger!
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    Nov 14, 2009
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    I'd be eating rooster stew about now if he was mine lol. I hope you heal up ok and that he settles down. I thought we were going to have to take back one that we got last week, he was very unruly, but I'm suspecting that he is beginning to enjoy being petted and picked up. I just have to keep him in a covered cage at night because he crows ALL night if he is loose!

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