Agriculture dept... Mail with threat


9 Years
Dec 1, 2010
Shelton, Wa.
Just got a mailing from the dept of agriculture.. on the front it informs me it is against the law not to respond... i open it up, they want to know how much livestock, horses, goats, and poultry i have.... how many meat birds, how many egg birds...... I can't believe our government is building a database on even how many chickens i own....... can't figure out why our country is bankrupt..... i try to obey the laws of the land, but this is ridiculous..i don't care why they are even asking, it just bothers me that they are asking..... i'm not a farm in any way, shape or form.......
Annual farm census. A complete waste of time and money. I file mine in that special place junk mail resides
We have had horses for 10+ years, We get them every year, not happy about it either.

Now we have poultry too.

I suppose that it is so that when someone shows up with Hoof and mouth, or some wierd bug they blame on poultry thay will know where to go to exterminate (while leaving all the wild carriers living and killing our livestock).

The government is on a need to know basis as far as I am concerned, if I want them to know I will tell them, until then it makes great fire starter.
And if no one returns the form, and the powers that be decide that there are no farmers in the area, so agriculture zoning and tax laws and environmental considerations don't have a place in that area...well, that'll be a fine kettle of fish, won't it?

If we-as-animal raisers don't stay visible, we won't stay around.
Its so they know who to come take from when the SHTF. So tired of big government. Your not asking for a government hand out so they should not need to know. To many laws and rules in place keeping honest good people from just doing what they do to take care of their family. Government needs to just get out of the way of the common citizen.

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