Agriculture's Deal with the Dark Side - Article that I found interesting

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    The title is in reference to an article I read at Star Tribune as it was linked to on the SWCS Conservation News site ( that reminded me of many arguments that have come up as "asides" in other people's posts. I hope this thread can be a place where those issues can be discussed, and other articles shared, outside of someone else's post who doesn't necessarily wish to have such arguments within their thread asking about how to package a meat bird or what others are charging for their products.

    For the record, I am presenting nothing as fact to anyone regardless of education versus ignorance, but I will share my favorite quote from the above referenced article that made me chuckle:

    "ISU bigwigs had gathered to hear the man regarded as a shoo-in to become the next director of its Aldo Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture when the candidate made an unfortunate gaffe. He let it slip that cattle had evolved to eat grass."
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    The moment I read your title I knew it was about GMO.

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