Agrimycin Powder- used for what?

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    I have one of my girls with a hoarse voice, eats ok, active and ok, but... at one point had a swollen eye and signs of cocci. Treated her with sulmet responding very well, yet lately I've noticed that "sausage" look to her droppings, also a bit that was very green. The eye cleared up nicely with Sulmet and time, yet she was left with a pale com and hoarse voice. (I call her Kathleen after Kathleen Turner and her husky voice) I picked up Agrimycin Powder at the local grain store, the only other antibiotic on the shelf.
    The question is, would you use this antibiotic for this condition. She is with the other birds, they have not been affected by her health condition yet do not want this to get any worse or turn into anything more.
    I know it WAS NOT coryza (sp), Pox, or those types of issues. Do not exactly know what it is, but after reading all the symptoms etc, I'd like to treat the throat thing. She may have a little wheeze, but none of the other do.

    PS- I cannot find what the Agrimycin Powder (Broad spectrum antibiotic) usages.
    Thank you in advance! ~Kel
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