Ah crap....


8 Years
Jun 7, 2011
Hillman Michigan
So my girls sell eggs- they do it all- collect them, feed the chickens and all. So they sold 4 dozen to their uncle and his gf cracked one open and I guess there was some form of development of a chicken.

Now- I have had an egg that was slightly bloody before- but never in development. I am not sure what the heck as we head about it from my MIL- but I guess they are totally turned off by farm fresh eggs and I feel kinda bad for my girls as they are 7 and 9 and try really hard to make sure everything is correct- they even take the weight of all their eggs.

And I know this batch was from the coop each day- so not sure if it happened in the fridge (but it is cold) and the eggs were not even a 6 days old from the oldest one he got. humm....

Not sure what to do to make it better... agh
Could they be exaggerating? maybe some blood only?
Maybe the girls could candle the eggs before selling or collect more frequently, and sell sooner. Im not sure, since we arent even getting eggs from our guys yet, LOL
People who get all finicky over stuff like that irritate me. My own husband refuses to eat farm fresh eggs cause he says its gross seeing where his food came from, LOL You dont need customers like that anyhow, and my just have the girls warn people when they sell that it is possible.
That has happened to me as well. I was making a huge batch of scrambled eggs for me and 5 other people and after cracking 18 eggs in the pan I got one with slight development (guessing 3 days). Wellllll I decided not to say anything and take the "chick" out and continue with making eggs... Horrible I know but I didn't want to freak out my friends from not eating the eggs I was making and not eating eggs again lol! Some people just can't get past finding something like that in their food and are completely traumitized. It happens to everyone at least once who has a rooster with hens. Don't worry to much about it it's their loss not having delcious eggs coming from happy hens!

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