Aha!! Chicken Thief is positively identified.


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Apr 12, 2010

We have seriously reinforced the coop and run since we saw this. Will that keep them out or are they just relentless?
Well, keep in mind that coons have paws that are basically hands, they can undo latches, and pry at things. You could always pad-lock if they are getting in via the latches.
If you can afford it, replacing that chicken wire with hardware cloth would help. Chicken wire is not very heavy and raccoons (along with just about any other predator) can rip right through it. Love the picture!
I have to agree with Good Ol Boy on this one. Coons are VERY persistent and VERY dexterous. I would reinforce the coop/run and trap/kill the coon. It will most likely keep coming until it gets in.
Coons are persistent and determined! That's why I shoot every one I catch. A live trap and a .22 is your friend, use them wisely!

Great picture and use of the camera!!
Get rid of it with a gun, and then reinforce the whole structure of the coop, especially holes and gaps that needs to be plugged.

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