Ahh, bummer!

Me & Jack

10 Years
May 31, 2009
Recently won 8++ eggs in a BYC auction. Seller sent me 20 eggs!! Had to borrow a friend's LG b/c I didn't have enough room in my other bator b/c I had eggs set to hatch. The 20 eggs arrived in perfect condition, with no loose air cells. Candled on day 2 and could see then that 15 were fertile but wasn't sure about the other five. Candled again today, day 5, and I now have four definitely fertile and seemingly going strong, four not fertile, and 12 -- yes, 12 -- with blood rings. Gotta be the LG b/c I have never had such a serious fail rate before. So bummed.
So, what about the LG could be bad? I've only incubated 2 batches, so I'm pretty new at all this still.

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