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I figured there has to be some Greek Mythology whizzes out there. At least I hope! Summer project on Edith Hamilton's Mythology, and yes, I'm already confused on chapter one. We have a packet of questions. I know nothing of mythology, real minimal education on it. The packet is ordered by chapters. I read the introduction and chapter one and am at this.

1. Summarize the Green creation myth.
I've only gathered that the gods didn't create the universe, the universe creates the gods. The first parents were heaven and earth and their children were the titans. Cronus was the main Titan, father of Zeus. Zeus (somehow it doesn't say how) takes over his father and bans some, but not all (not saying which he does and doesn't) of the Titans, and the Olympians make a rise. Is that pretty much the gist of it?

5. Who dethroned Cronus and seized power and how did he accomplish this?
Well I know Zeus did and that's it. It doesn't say how. Rhea saved Zeus by feeding Cronus a rock...

6. Which Titans were not banished by the coming of Zeus?
I don't think he banished Ocean, Tethys, Hyperion, Mnemosyne, Themis, and Iapetus, but am unsure.

These are the ones I'm having problems with at the moment. Any help?

And disclaimer I'm asking for help, not wanting the assignment done for me. I don't need preaching on if I read the chapter enough times I'll understand it, because I've read it about 4 times and I've gathered information, but I'm fuzzy like little chicks are. Just need help


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It has been forever since I really studied Greek mythology, so I'm not going to be much help. You might try doing a google search and see if what pops up helps any.

Along those same lines, if you haven't read them yet, go get the Percy Jackson "Lightening Thief" series. It is ALL about greek mythology with a modern twist. The books are very well written and quite fun. I read them on my beach trip and thoroughly enjoyed them. They might help make some of the greek stuff stick.

Good luck!


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^ precisely what I was gonna say!

On the very first page the gods are separated into their groups...
Double checking with a second source never hurts thought...

It's been many moons since 7th grade mythos, but if memory serves his Gaia-Earth/Uranus-Sky warned Kronos that his child (I assume child and not specifically son since he killed ALL his kids) would overthrow him, just as he had done to his father... so he swallowed all his kids... Rhea didn't care for that (worked with Grama?) so she wrapped up a rock and had him swallow that instead... seems like there was something about when overthrown he horked up the other five? kids he'd swallowed...

Like I said, it's been a LONG time... try Wikipedia... search for Cronus/Kronos might also find info about #6 with that too... but if not you can search for Greek Titans... War of the Titans (though that's more to do with Cronus & Co than Zeus)... also Zeus's own entry will include his ascension...

Don't have a clue about Green Creation... but prolly worth a google or wikipedia search, better to have both.

Ohhh... wait... you prolly meant Greek, not Green... oy I am not a morning person... yeah google that... plenty of entries.... "In the beginning there was an empty darkness." (bet you were thinking that Genesis was the first to use that line huh?)
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Interesting,, I teach out of that book,,, I will give you some suggestions,, but you take it from there.

On pg. 63 is how the World and Mankind were created,, it's very simple explanation, summarize it.
For Cronus start reading on page 65,, if you can't figure out in a few pages,, look up in the index in the back of the book the name of the one that overcame him.
You need to get off of Pg. 24 and read for the story of Cronus.
The Titans are simple,, go to the index at the back and look up the Titans and cross reference with Zeus.

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