mommas chickens

8 Years
Apr 13, 2011
Spring Creek, NV
So I was given two barred rock hens today and tonight I tried the go out after dark and sneak the new hens in with my other four and even though its pitch black they moved to the other side away from them...thus Ive decided chickens are worse then teenage girls in a locker room! LOL. Just kidding but seriously ladies come on! Well we will see home things went come morning cause they have no choice but to sit in the coop together it's raining and snowing out there. Welcome June 1st in Nevada!!


The Chicken Whisperer
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10 Years
May 11, 2010
Maybe they are practicing their version of quarantine?

Or maybe the newbies are subject to some serious gossiping?
I can hear it now:

'Just look at her comb!'

'I know! And that tail? How can anyone call that a tail!'

'I bet she's never laid an egg in her life! Lazy no good....'
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