AHHH! Lockdown help and questions


9 Years
Aug 15, 2010
Columbus Ohio
Ok as i just stated to someone else - i have been thru many stressful and/or tough times in my life - but have NEVER been more nervous for 9 lil bantam eggs in my bator! LOL Its embarrasing!
Anyways - i set these eggs at 7 pm on Valentines day - so i should put them in lockdown tomorrow afternoon right?

They have been in cut down styro cartons - should i take them out and lay flat for hatching?

And the temp should remain same in lockdown as all along correct? Just raise the humidity?

Thanks and sorry for the first timer questions!
LOL Welcome to the wonderful world of hatching. It send me over the edge like that EVERY time I hatch. At least now I don't freak out until the actual due date.

Carton or not, that's a person choice thing. I have mine set in little plastic rings (originally bought to put on the end of my rolling pin to measure the thickness of dough when you roll it). It keeps them from rolling around and crashing into each other. I have never used egg cartons for a hatch. But I do like having them in something. With the rings they still can wiggle but they don't roll all over.

Yes just up the humidity. I put mine at 60 maybe 65%. It WILL rise when the pipping and hatching starts. Dont freak out.

Best of luck

Oh and yes tomorrow at Noon looks to be time for lock down for you

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