Ahhh!!!!...Momma Rouen moving eggs around

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    Apr 29, 2011
    My broody Rouen has been sitting on her nest for 14 days now. She has a mix of eggs under her, Pekin/Rouen cross and her own. I had checked the nest last week and counted 19 (quick check so I may have missed some hiding under the bedding). I checked it again last night and found 30 eggs. The few eggs around the top and the Pekin eggs were candled and I removed five that obviously the Pekins had laid recently. I put a little fresh bedding in and left her nest as she had left it. This morning I now have her own nest and now a second nest. Mama Rouen seems to have moved some of her eggs as well as the Pekin eggs into a second nest... I don't think either of my Pekins is going to really go broody, but I think I may just leave things as they are and see what happens.

    This is my first experience with a broody duck. I am wondering if this behavior is because the others are in with her? Or if it is because it is her first attempt? She is very determined and only comes off in the am and for a bit in the evening for a swim and a tour around. The eggs are developing so I'm hoping that she will follow through and some ducklings will make it safe and sound! [​IMG]

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