Ahhh! Silkies!

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    So with our first chickens that we got last year, we had one partridge Silkie, Harriet, who unexpectedly crowed, and became Harry.

    With our next order of chickens, we had four silkies (two black and two splash) and only one splash that was "suspicious" - so darned hard to tell with Silkies! They always say wait til it crows or lays and egg, well at almost 11 months, this chicken had done neither. We had just about gotten to calling it "he", when lo and behold, Marshmallow laid an egg!

    That was about two weeks ago, tops, and now...

    ...SHE has gone broody.


    We don't want babies, so she it trying to hatch the little thermostat box we keep in one of the nesting boxes (the readout is in the house). If I move it, she reclaims it, so I let her have it. Told her it won't hatch, but she insists that it will.


    deb g

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    ohh how cute [​IMG]

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