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    Aug 14, 2008
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    Last summer with the coop under consrtuction and three age groups of chicks it was bedlam. Being new with chickens I did not know that the older ones would attack the younger ones. Each group was separated from the others as they left the brooder and kept in either a portable coop or in a corner of the under construction coop. It wasn't till the end of summer until the ones that didn't avoid the freezer started getting along.

    This summer with the coop finished and the flock established I wondered how things would work out with the new additions. The first group 50 of chicks left the brooder two weeks ago. I partitioned off a corner of the coop with removable chicken wire partions and moved the new chicks in. The oldsters are free range and come and go during the day. I did not notice any aggresive moves at all. Well yesterday I let the young ones out for the first time with the older ones kept in. Today after the older ones left for their rounds We let the young ones out. We set up lawn chairs for the expected fireworks when the older ones finally wandered back.

    Boy were we disapointed! Or maybe releived is a better word. The little chicks were nervous as the flock moved into range but then nothing happened! It was like "Oh hello there, pardon me while I eat this piece of grass" Even Henry the king rooster and Phil his nervous sidekick were a non issue!

    I guess this is the way it is supposed to be but from what I've seen and heard I did not expect it to happen. I can only surmise that I've done a lot of things right since last fall. The older flock is confidently established and able to accept newer chicks. Also by having them in sight of each other for two weeks obviously helped. I have another group that will be out of the brooder in two weeks and I will put them in the partition. Hopefully we will have the same results.

    So for those of you who are having problems with chickens getting along there is hope.
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    Usually if they are used to seeing each other for several days at least they don't fight to much. Don't be surprised if there's more pecking order issues later.
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    I'm happy that you're able to peacefully enjoy your flock now. Chickens indeed should bring pleasure (and eggs [​IMG]), not grief!

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