Ahhhh Im sooo worried about my girls!!!


8 Years
May 26, 2011
North Carolina
Im soo worried!!
I was checking my facebook and just happened to look outside and it was POURING down rain!! I knew that my little pullets had not yet figured out how to get in the hen house yet so I ran out and luckily they were all huddled underneath the ramp.
I scooped them up and put them in the house when I came back out it was hailing!!!

The only thing Im worried about is there are 2 big ventilation places on each end of the house and Im afraid that rain and hail will fly in there and soak them??
Should I do anything? Or just wait for the storm to end and go check them out? And then what should I do if their soaked???

Sorry to go on and on, Im just worried this is my first flock ever!! Sooo glad I have BYC here to help me out!!
I live in Western Washington and the chickens are always out in the rain. They find a spot when its bad but we usually just get lighter rains compared to other parts of the country. When I move the feathers and look at the skin its bone dry. I'd check them, if they aren't wet at the skin they are probably not cold. They will learn where their coop is but in the meantime I wouldn't worry too much. We had the same kind of day here in Tacoma, everything from sunshine and blue skies to hail. I'm sure the hens took cover under the cedar tree during the hail but they are out in the rain right now.
I just opened the pop door to allow them into their run and they went right out, its barely raining its drizzling. Silly girls!

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