Ain’t as Easy as it Looked ...


Jun 2, 2021
Southwestern Pennsylvania
I’ve seen a few folks post such cute pics of their chickens with a holiday hat or scarf ... and oh how did I want to do that with my girls! Thankfully, I already had supplies on hand. (Hubby’s a taxidermist and I have “seasonal holiday attire” for the first groundhog that he did a good 20 years ago. I figured Fred wouldn’t mind sharing.) So, I snatched a Santa hat and scarf and headed out. Heck ... how difficult could it be?

Well, the girls wanted NO parts of it! I spent half the afternoon trying to convince one of them ... nope! I even tried taking a video, thinking I could steal a still from it. Still nope! 😂 (here’s a pic of the best I got. “The best” absolutely sucks, lol!)

Guess I’ll just keep the festive holiday attire for Dead Fred! 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 (and here he is, rocking the holiday attire!)

(And the hubby wants to “get rid of” Fred and make a new one. Fred’s old, has seen better days, and was done before Hubby really knew what he was doing. I say Absolutely Not! If he can so carelessly and callously get rid of Fred in his old age, how will I fare in a few more years?!)


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