Ain't she a BEAUT! Pics posted


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Feb 3, 2009
Hope Mills, NC
I have finished the tractor. I gave up on the moulding. Forget it. It looks fine from the road, you can't tell, so it's all good. I did add a plant that is on a rotating plant hanger. That way it can face what ever way and I can move it in or out of the shade cast by the coop. Right now the tractor is stationed under the plum tree, waitin for the chicks to grow. I really like the way it came together. Yes, there are MANY flaws, and yes it won't last forever. BUT It will last until summer when the big coop flies! The front is a little messed up because we bought some sealer off craigslist and evidently they didn't store right or something because it started stripping the paint no matter that we followed the instructions.

Oops, lol..... pics are coming
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