Jan 18, 2018
Norman, OK
Last Tuesday (the 20th) I picked up 6 Muscovy duck eggs at a nearby hatchery. It was about an hour away by car. The eggs were safely in a carton on the way home and the drive was mostly smooth. When I arrived home, I weighed and candled all 6 eggs and all 6 looked good with excellent air cells as far as I could tell by candling. I left them to acclimate to our room temp for a couple of hours (they were close to room temperature when we got home). I placed all 6 in our incubator.

I candled today and all were fertile, although I found egg #3 had developed a detached air cell. The eggs were laid on their side in our incubator which has an automatic turner that moves the eggs on their side.

Have you experienced a late detached air cell? I put egg #3 into a ring of toilet paper core to hold it big end up and I am now just tilting the egg a bit in different directions at least 3 times daily. Will the air cell be able to be repaired and reattached to the proper position? I will keep the egg upright and leaning different directions for at least 3 days and hope for reattachment.

Have you experienced this before? Any tips or advice to share? Can the air cell reattach after day 6 of incubation?

Thank you!

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