Air cell full of bubbles?

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  1. Hi! What could cause a fresh egg (laid 15th, set 18th) to have an aircell full of bubbles?
    I didn't candle this group prior to setting (I usually do), so not sure if the egg was like this before I set it. Needed to swap incubators this morning so I went ahead and candled eggs set the 18th. Found just the one with the weird bubbly air cell --- and it's not developing.
    Any ideas?
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    You can do that with to much humidity, but being the only one I would assume there is a leak in the membrane separating the air sack from the rest of the egg.
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    Just a thought from the picture as well, how are your eggs sitting. The pick shows small end up. Could that be the air bubble issue? Should be small end down.
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    It's gotten bacteria in it; it's rotting.
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    pips&peeps :

    It's gotten bacteria in it; it's rotting.

    This was my first thought - also GET IT OUTTA THERE! Peeeeeuuuuu.​
  6. Hi! Yes, big end up --- that was my poor attempt at drawing what it looked like with photobucket.
    I cracked it to check this morning and it looked / smelled normal with bullseye and all, except the white was really watery.
    Opened the air cell and it was frothy bubbles. The only thing I could think of is it might have partially froze.
    At any rate, it's out of the incubator (and scrambled and fed to the cat, hahaha).
    Never saw anything like that, so thought I'd ask.
  7. Hi! There was an egg laid late yesterday that I missed picking up and it was frozen this morning.
    I candled it after it thawed and sure enough, the air cell got big (for a fresh egg) and bubbly.

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