Air cell/humidity question - shipped eggs

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by fancybanty, Dec 14, 2007.

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    Dec 10, 2007
    I have 2 different sets of serama eggs in my incubating hova bator at 45-50% humidity and 99-100°. My first batch of eggs at 14 days seem to be right on or a little behind on evaporation. These will be moving to the hatcher incubator on Monday. These also happen to be Franks eggs, great fertility rates, seemed to ship very well:) The second batch is right at 10 days and seem to be a little dry, the air cells seem to be much larger than they should be at this time - approx. the size of 14-18 day old eggs from the reference books that I have. These eggs are from another source and did spend a lot more time in the mail in huge differences in temperatures. I am a little concerned with their rapid humidity loss. Wonder if they were dry from shipping?

    I was thinking maybe I should move the 1st batch to the hatcher early and hand turn while increasing the humidity in the incubator with the second batch? Could I slow the evaporation rate of the dryer eggs this way or am I just asking for problems with the hatch (drowning chicks)?

    This is the first time I have tried to hatch 2 different sets of eggs with different set/hatch days. I was shooting for all of these going in at the same time but the postal service this time of year, do I need to say more? Any input would be great, thanks.
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    As eggs age, evaporation does take place even if they are not incubating. I can see your concern and I wish I had some experience with making that type of adjustment. Are you hand turning your eggs? If so then moving the first batch early and cranking up humidity a bit for the second group would probably be fine. If you have a turner, I think I would move the second batch to the hatcher now and keep the first batch that are a more sure thing where they are doing well. Day 10 is certainly not to late to make adjustments to facilitate humidity issues.
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    Aug 28, 2007
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    I just hatched out some shipped eggs and the air cells seemed to be so large and odd shaped. I was worried that I had the humidity too low so for the last week I upped it to 70% I ended up with a 100% hatch, they all made it out very strong and very quickly.
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    Your humidity needs to be higher on Serama eggs, up to 60% during the first stage of incubation, per Frank's instructions I've seen him give other people. Up your humidity some. I believe it's because they are so danged small that they evaporate out the water faster.
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    guys and gals.

    i am not to bright, but i listened to several folks doing this alot longer and that are several times wiser than i. i do 60% or higher in last stage... depending on how the eggs are progessing. ---- but as i say i have ghf1502, that makes a huge diffence in itself-- and a constant temp is ideal... 0f 99.5-100.5.

    just what i do with my eggs--not the rule, as i am one hatcher in a world of many...

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    But, Frank, you are our resident Serama expert! We love your advice on hatching these little guys!
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    thanks alot,

    but i have am like everyone else, still learning as i go. SCNA-USSC are great place to learn about these little birds, but i got to say i love this forum for a all around chicken and poultry site, but the other can help with the serama's that folks are having problems with.

    but just the same thanks alot for the prop's and kind words.. this next year is going to be exciting for me as i will be reducing the size of my birds again with brian sparks birds and my best birds, i am hatching several of brians birds from eggs for breeding stock for next year....

    thanks as always

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