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9 Years
Jul 8, 2010
One of my 19 day old eggs quit, so I opened it up to see what happened. I gently removed the cap off the air cell first and checked for movement, as advised on this website. The poor little chick was dead. My question is, the air cell membrane on the chick side was kinda sucked in towards the chicks side. Is this normal, or is my humidity too low?
what is your humidity at?had mine around 50% and lost 5 due to so called "shrink wrapping".would have lost more but opened 3 pips up to moisten the now i will keep at 65% for lockdown to hopefully avoid this
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It's about 65% +/- a little. That's why I was wondering. And the membrane is almost an opaque white, also heard this was a humidity issue.

I did find the info here Bumping the humidity up a little to 70%
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