air sac and unabsorbed yolk??? - tl:dr at the bottom.


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May 17, 2020
So a little backstory about this little guy.
He is a 21-day old hatch. He pipped yesterday and I decided to give it plenty of time. I became concerned today - with how long it was taking and because I saw that there was a very large whole; almost as though the chick wanted to zip but couldn't. I decided to gently chip away at some of the eggshell and outer membrane where the air cell was located and found that the inner membrane had shrink-wrapped. But I also saw some receding veins so I chipped away at the upper- air cell(y) area of the eggshell and placed it back in the incubator.
After a few hours, the chick began chirping very very loudly and seemed to be stuck. His head was tucked under his wing and he could not get out of the shell. So I helped him get all the way out. And here is where I am a loss.

The chick still had some unabsorbed egg yolk attached to his abdomen. I did what I knew and placed the chick back in the bottom portion of his shell then placed him in a cup so that he could not wiggle around. EXCEPT this chick is very active, loud, and insists on getting out of the shell!
I don't know if I can get advice on this situation quickly enough; but I would like to know for possible future occasions - would it be better to just let the chick be active as they would like?? or is it better to try to get him to stay in the shell??

the second problem is that this chick seems to have subcutaneous emphysema. This likely occurred when he got stuck trying to hatch and he struggled a lot. Given that he is just newly hatched, it cannot be a full crop. how do I take care of this chick???

TLDR ------
Active chick with unabsorbed egg yolk. Do I let him be active or force him to stay in his eggshell so he can (kind of) absorb the yolk??
this newly hatched chick also has an air sac - I think its subcutaneous emphysema - what do I do???


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I let them be but if you're worried you can put him in a cup with a moist paper towel so he doesn't drag it.

As for the neck bump, chicks get a fluid bump when hatching. It helps the pecking action to get out. I don't know the technical name for it but it'll go away by tomorrow. Yolk should be absorbed within a few hours too.

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