Air Sac Issue


Mar 26, 2018
We found an abandoned duck egg near a pond near our house. We were told that the ducks there are around humans and often won't nest their eggs. So after observing for a couple days we took the egg and built it a DIY incubator. We assumed the egg was 4/5 days old when we took it home. We followed the guidelines on what we've read online and we've kept the temp and humidity pretty steady.

Everything seemed to be going well. The air sac looked good and we could see a good veins as well as a developing embryo!! Our son is just loving the experience. However we just recently noticed that perhaps the air sac is too large and encroaching onto the side of the egg rather than remaining on the blunt side of the egg. Last Friday night, day 14/15 the veins still looked good and the embryo was "dancing" around. Ive read a bit about too large of air sacs and I know it lessons the chance of the chick making it full term/hatching.

Is there anything we should be doing to give this chick the best chances possible. We are on day 16/17 we believe.

This a good guide for air cell growth ~

If your air cell is too big you will need to up your humidity a bit in the incubator to stop too much moisture being lost from the egg. If your egg hatches have you got a plan to get it a couple of friends? I’m afraid they don’t do too well on their own.
May I ask what level have you been keeping the humidity at?

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