Air space on the side of an egg??


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
I have an egg that appears so have been damaged after laying--maybe by a chicken foot? There is a tiny puncture followed by a scratch in the shell. The air space developed with this hole on its periphery so it is toward the large end but on the side. There is an embryo in there (hard to see bc of how the yolk lays around the space). I'm going to wax the hole but I'm wondering, is it possible for this chick to hatch? Should I make sure the air space is facing up or down on day 18? Should I give it more or less angle in how it's laying on day 18?

I know it might be a loss but I'd like to give it a fighting chance.
I'd have the air cell up, and if it's developing, definitely give it a chance. I hope it makes it!

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