Air stairs vs. My foot....guess who won


12 Years
Oct 28, 2007
Fernandina Beach Fl.
So I went to work this afternoon, we have a regoinal jet coming in and already have one on the other gate so we have to use the airstairs that roll up to the plane. I was helping a coworker line them up at the plane and when they are lined up you have to release a handle which released the wheels away from the ground and the stairs sit in feet on the ground, when you drop the handle the stairs slam to the ground.

Well, I was watching her trying to release the handle and didnt realize that theres a gap under the first stair and my foot was still under there when the stairs came slamming down...all 800-1000 pounds of it.

That ended my day, had to go see the OJI doctor and since it was almost closing time there the x-ray tech was already gone. dr says he doesnt think it's broken but cant be sure until I come back in the morning and they do xrays. If it isnt broken it sure as hell feels like it. meanwhile I'm on crutches and wearing a walking cast type hard sole shoe.

this sucks


not rusty
12 Years
Feb 20, 2007
Shepherd, Texas
OY! I hope it's not broken. I can totally relate about it feeling like it should be. Don't feel bad though...I would've probably done the same thing. I have a natural grace I inherited from my dad.

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