Airborn illness?


11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
I wouldnt be surprised if my rooster doesnt make it through the night

Yesterday I noticed he was acting kinda hot.. and wasnt running from me. Infact.. he came over and stood next to me. I thought this was odd but blamed it on the heat.
Today when I went out he didnt run from me again.. but this time I noticed he was kind of ...leaning. When I let the dogs out I noticed he did not run like the rest of the chickens and when my GSD came to sniff he he just stood there.
I walked out to him and picked him right up (odd behavior). I noticed he has had runny poop (as its all caked on his backside).
A few weeks ago I noticed his comb started to "crust". I just kind of thought it was dry and dirty and never paid it much mind since then. Well since Ive gotten closer I noticed there is a lot of white stuff on it as well.

He also on one of his eyes has a white spot. A few months ago him and another up and coming rooster (the one I found dead with no apparent reason a couple days ago) were sparring and I thought it might have gotten scratched.
Well one of my hens eyes about a month or so ago got goopy. I just thought it got pecked and just watched it close. The eye is now covered completely white (as thought it was cataracts).
I noticed today she has a poopy bottom as well.

All the chickens I have right now are chickens I have hatched and had for over a year. I dont know whats going on

My neighbors neighbors have chickens that I dont think they care for too well and then Ive heard a new rooster across the field from us..
Can they catch something that is airborn?
They could, but I think a standard antibiotic in the water and a pet sailene wash for the eyes would help. I had a rooster who lived blind in one eye from a sinus deformety. Overloaded his eyes with goop and I had to use the sailene in his eyes EVERYDAY
it got old, quick. But alas it made him feel SO much better, how could I not rangle him for thirty minutes to squirt salt water in his eyes

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