Airborne chicken diseases?


Sep 1, 2013
Hi there!

I am new to this forum, although I have had backyard hens for three years. I am working with my local zoning commission to get our town "one hen allowed" rule changed to allow for a small flock of 2-12 hens only, no roosters. My neighbor, is now claiming that he is afraid to go out on his deck due to "airborne diseases" that can be caught from chickens. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? The only thing I could find online related to commercial production workers:

I'd really love to find a study that shows that this problem has been checked in backyard flocks and found to be not an issue, as I suspect is true.

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Greetings from Kansas, Purewishing, and
! Pleased you joined our community! I would check with my local ag extension office. I think your neighbor is fishing for anything to be able to not allow you to increase your flock. Maybe some words from the extension office will be more convincing. Hope it all works out for you!
Welcome. I thought we only had those noodle necks in California. There's nothing worse than a hypochondriac neighbor. You can see by the link Dawg provided that many diseases can be transmittable from wild birds, which likely live in your area. What's the neighbor want? To live in a hospital? Anyways, good luck. I've created petitions and journeyed around the neighborhood collecting signatures in the past. That would serve your purpose greatly. Rezoning laws are a real hindrance to freedom. This is what happens when city people move into an agricultural area. They have no problem with noise from machinery, sirens, stereos, etc., but are more than happy to snivel about bleating sheep or the crow of a rooster. They really should stay out or our areas and stick to their urban habitats.
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