6 Years
Aug 3, 2013
Hi -

I recently moved my trailer on to 5 acres that belong to some friends of mine here in Winters, California. We have six hens we bought as chicks from the local feed store, but are planning to get some more next spring. My friend who owns the property wants some black copper Marans but we don't know where to get them as they aren't something that is carried by the mail order hatcheries or the local feed store. I would appreciate any info available along these lines.

Cluck! The Airstreamer
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! Have a look here:

There may be some for sale by a member in your area, or if not, keep posting and once you have a post count of 20 the system will allow you to place an ad and you can place a "wanted" ad there. Hope you find some!
Welcome to BYC. Go to the Social forum and locate your state thread in the 'Where am I? Where are you!" section to locate the birds that you desire.

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