AKC chihuahua and Italian greyhound kennel breeding stock for sale

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    Hi ya'll

    Went to the dr with mom yesterday and she has multiple bone spurs on her neck and the dr foresees lots of pain in the future.. she has degenerative discs in her neck and lower back, hardly any padding left at all.. and she is very concerned about her knees.. Hips are good though, so not too bad for 76 yrs old.. but she did tell mom its time to get out of the dog business and that she needs to stop getting down on her knees to clean cages etc.. shes worried she will try to stand up and her knees give out and with her living alone thats a scary thought. even with us next door. it could still be a few hours till we know there is a problem.. I hate it for her she really loves her dogs and has work hard on her bloodline. but she hasn't even bred them in over a year because she couldn't handle the extra work load of puppy and mom upkeep in the house.. so its time..

    oh here is the flyer I am making up for the dogs just in case you know someone...

    Windwalker Farm Kennel
    AKC: Chihuahua, Italian Greyhound, total reduction SALE
    Due to Owners health reasons we must sell all males and females. Sheila has been perfecting her line of Windwalker Farm Chihuahuas and Italian greyhounds for over 15 years but due to decline in health, she must sell all her dogs.

    Various colors and sizes. pups to older girls and boys. Great prices !

    Ready to become your loving pet or ready to breed.

    Most have not been bred yet, none have been spayed or neutered, that would be up to the new owner. AKC papers will be given at time of purchase.
    Contact Sheila Stiles
    [email protected]

    All sales final.

    we do ship...
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    if shes selling these dogs as "breeding stock" she also needs to include all health testing, OFA CERF, pen hip, optigen results ect for the dogs (or at very minimum what health testing they do to their dogs...
    as well as what shows her dogs have participated in, ribbons, ect.
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    You should probably also put it in the correct section (FOR SALE)--you might actually even get more interest with it there.
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    I Love IG's , wish I did not have 5 dogs already [​IMG]

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