AKC English Bulldog would love to find an active family and some girls

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    Looking for a new home for our 2 year old AKC full registration (for breeding) English Bulldog. He weighed in at 60 lb in Nov when he got his shots so he's probably 65 atleast now.

    "Jake" is a wonderful dog but we do not have time for him. I bought him hoping to raise Bulldogs and offer him at stud but that plan just isn't working out. He's had puppy classes and more than basic training. He gets along with other dogs and horses and likes my cat. He loves children but gets enthusiastic and being a heavy dog I think he'd be more suited to older children. He's never bitten, completely house and crate trained. He's a happy go lucky guy and loves to be with people. He will bark at strangers if they make odd moves or gestures until one of his people tell him it's ok so he's protective of his home and family but not overly so.

    He's a neat white color with brown spotted ears and spots on his body. This is a rarer color yet acceptable by AKC. His breeder is in MI and I can provide any information on his pedigree.

    Nothing wrong with Jake, and it will be difficult to see him go but he spends his time either in his crate or in a 8 x 16 run outside with minimal excersize and he deserves and needs more than that. Real love bug.
    I paid full breeding dog price as a puppy of $2300. Will let him go for $2000.

    Check out his page for more pictures and you can see how socialized and well behaved he is [​IMG]

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    Well my fiancee would die to have him, or his dad would, but I just CANT pay that price. I've got several purebred dogs myself and none I paid over $200 for. I know English Bulldogs are expensive though. Around here go for around $1200. We have a 105 acre farm for him to run and some girls that would give him a good run but like I said, that's WAY out of my price range. Hope he gets a good home, great lookin dog.

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