Alabama Free Silkie and Serama Rooster


Chapel Farms
11 Years
Sep 13, 2008
Jemison, AL
Webb Acres- Lydia,
We just wanted to say thank you!! Mark and I had such a nice time visiting you and all your chickens. I am still amazed at ALL the silkies you own. Puffballs are everywhere!

Everyone made it home fine but we had to visit the school and the feedstore along the way.... every person that saw the chickens were amazed to say the least at both Serama and Showgirls breeds!

The little Showgirls began crying out at dusk. I picked them both up and held them close...they coooooed and coooooed until they went to sleep....they have stolen my heart.

Anyone that is within driving distance....there are sooooo many still available for FREE! I only took four freebies but could not leave without purchasing 3 also!! FREE MALE SERAMAS (all types and colors) FREE SHOWGIRLS (white) FREE MALE SILKIES (a few pullets) She will be honest on ALL your questions about these freebies.

Kirby and Firby (named by my son)

MingMing- he's so little even Kara couldn't be scared of him

Thank you again Lydia.

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