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  1. Live in Alaska w/a coop full of 8 RIR's -one of which has spurs so may be a roo who doesn't know it yet?!?

    Just got a pair of Pilgrim Geese last weekend and am in the process of moving and cleaning an old coop from a neighbor for the geese to temporarily live in while moving a small barn I bougt last weekend that also has to be moved.

    Am trying to make up my mind about a second flock being Gold Lace Wyandottes or Buff Orphingtons with a rooster for 7 hens.

    Am getting 6-9 extra large eggs from the hens 6 days a week, then 4 eggs on the 7th day. From those numbers, my exhubby's wife, who has chicken experience and I'm just learning, she says one is not laying and "hens don't have spurs, Girl!" LOL (he/she hasn't crowed yet!)

    Have been taking Veterinary assistant classes winters and the Husbandry class just finished before Xmas break.

    I clean my coop a bit every day and do a good clean by replacing ground bedding and nest material once or twice a month. I found every Saturday "entire" cleaning was wasteful as the hens throw their feed to the ground bedding and the snow buntings are getting fat!

  2. Got a new camera for Xmas and haven't figured out how to change the year yet. Also live w/four golden retrievers, four weimaraners, a border collie pup and an Aussie Cattle dog halfbreed who are learning my birds are MY birds;)
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    First welcome!

    Unless the color is off in your picture it doesn't look like you RIRs. [​IMG]
  4. would you say Production Reds? I have a red heat lamp distorting color above and 3 white (infrared) heat lamps below the nesting boxes for heat and light...

    A man ordered 30 hens, they were too crowded so he gave me 10 and I was so excited I had to share by giving two to a friend who was down to 3...he swore only hens and RIR's...???
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    In the picture they look "real life" are they reddish?
  6. AK-Bird-brain

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    May 7, 2007
    Sterling, Alaska
    Good to see another Alaskan on here, Welcome to the addiction ERRRRRR I mean hobbie!
    We are down on the Kenai Peninsula, where abouts are you?
  7. sorry to leave suddenly, our power has gone off twice today so far (new generator for city is having trouble supplying the mine ourside of city limits)

    Yes, they are red, I took that pic w/my cell phone and the geese pic w/the new camera that shows 2007 till I learn to fix that.

    Hi to Sterling:) I met a nice couple from there last fall w/a german short hair pointer; Fossil:)

    I'm in Nome, Iditarod madness will begin in soon;)
  8. I'll try a pic w/the new camera today, but the date will show 2007 LOL since I'm fighting w/the filty frozen coop I just got to the yard I won't take time to change the date on the camera today. Have half the manure out and the last bit is the hardest! If my young hens had to live that filthy, they wouldn't be laying, every time I clean their bedding on the ground, they dig and scratch, sleep in it, and lay 9 eggs that day. I know one hen is laying two a time but the "hen" w/spurs, I've never seen lay, only setting on two eggs and keeping them warm- would a roo do that??? I'll get a pic of that boy/girl, too...
  9. AK-Bird-brain

    AK-Bird-brain I gots Duckies!

    May 7, 2007
    Sterling, Alaska
    The folks I work for are trying to send me up to Nome this summer to do some work. Were in the Fur Rhondy madness down here, I'm entered in the raindeer run tomorrow. Should be fun. A buddy of mine was up your way last week (team 10) for the iron dog.

    We have some Buff o's that are a good cold harty breed and good layers, my wife is thinking about getting more. How do you like the geese?
  10. Never got to the camera yesterday but the geese went into their bigger coop last night- had to take an axe to the big pile of manure that was frozen from two previous owners who're afraid of their chickens. I love the geese, they are afraid of me until they get to know me but I think they like their new living quarters so that'll help!

    LOL Reindeer Run! Let me know you survived the "running w/the reindeer run" - bet that's a blast!

    (My "ex-brother in law" is Booth, we live across the street from ea other) my "ex," the other Booth ran the Iron Dog a few years ago w/Rowe)

    I can't make up my mind for a second flock that is dual purpose and good "raisers" or mothers, either Gold Lace Wyandottes or Buff Orphingtons... every time I think I've decided, I change my mind! Once I get the small barn moved, I'll order one or the other and keep the RIR's separate from the second flock-

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