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10 Years
Mar 17, 2009
Palmer, Alaska
This is what it's all about, why I live here, why I stay here. Where else can you find this kind of beauty.

My friend shot this from her kayak last night.
My DH went up on a hunting trip. I went to Nome as a travel nurse. We went back together for a 10 day fishing trip on an off season salmon boat all the way around Admiralty Island. Now DH goes back up almost every year as cook on the boat for someone elses bear hunt. It really is that beautiful (if you ever catch the sun out)

Great shot! I love watching the whales play. Thanks for sharing your photo.

It really is gorgeous and this summer was mostly sunny!

I'm very lucky to have been born here, otherwise I might be like so many who never get to experience Alaska.
Beautiful Michelle!! What river was that?

ETA: OK, I just stole that pic and made it my desktop background. Now I am homesick.
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It's a small lake that is fed by a finger of the Matanuska River. The mountains in the distance are the Twin Peaks. I can see them from my yard too, from a different angle... but I don't have waterfront
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Stunning Picture! Grew up in Ketchikan, lived 1 year (79-80) in Anchorage. Knew several people in Palmer. I think the State fair was there.

Imp/Russ -Miss the scenery, not the winters.
Imp, I've not been to Ketchikan (yet)

And yes, the state fair is here in Palmer. My Mille Fluer d'Uccle's just won Grand Champion Best of Breed.

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