Albendazole tablets or powder


Aug 19, 2020
Kitsap, WA
I've been looking for dewormer for my molting girls, with the understanding that fenbendazole is not to be used at this time. There is only 500 ml bottles of Valbazen and larger. Has anyone ever used Albendazole powder or capsules to treat for worms? I would put the powder in water and dose a piece of bread. Do you think that would work the same as using the suspension (Valbazen). Does the Valbazen have an expiration? If so, with my small flock of 11, I think that would be an excess amount to buy. Thoughts?


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Nov 27, 2008
Glen St Mary, Florida
You would be better off buying the 500ml bottle of Valbazen because you will have to dose your chickens twice.
The bottle should have about a 2 year expiration date. You can always ask before purchasing it.
Keep in mind that it's your soil that determines how often you should worm your birds.
Warm moist or wet soil will require frequent wormings. Dry, cool, rocky or desertlike soil may require less frequent wormings.

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