Albino Chukar Chimera


13 Years
Jan 12, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Well, my sister asked me if I could help her clean her house since she's working two jobs and doesn't have much time. I spent the entire day, stayed the night and was there for 6 more hours the next day before finally coming home. I had no idea my mom turned my a/c off in the room, and my bator is not pre-set. So when I came home, my incubator was at 104.
I guess it had been like that the entire day. I was already bummed and had no hope for them at this point but I candled them anyway. My last 2 chukar eggs had perished so I decided to open em up. I found an oddball for sure. Here are the pics I took...

Right side:

Left side:

yeah, so it was split half and half. I'm totally beating myself up over this cause it would have been super exciting to see this baby hatch.
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