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Anyone know anything about albino coturnix? I got her at a quail farm. She doesn't have red eyes, but is all white. The employess get about 1 in 10,000 white chicks, when all of the parent birds are brown.

Anyone know the exact odds of getting an albino, or if it would be possible to start a line of albino quails?
I'm not sure if true albinos exist in the poultry world. I've seen mallards on eBay mistakenly marketed as albinos. I know when I used to breed bearded dragons that I had hypomelanistic and leucistic dragons which were white with clear fingernails. Those dragons had golden eyes. I know there are a few people working on true albino beardies but the survivability of those hatchlings has been 0%
I don't think it's a Texas A&M... I actually have one of those, this new bird doesn't have the characteristic black smudges on the head. Not to mention I got this from a quail farm that exclusively breeds the standard brown coturnix. They hatch roughly 3000 chicks every week and only every couple weeks there's a white one mixed in. They usually cull them as uniformity is desired from their clients, so they're not allowed to breed into the mix.
Sounds like their parent stock has mixed genetics some place along the line.

One of my A&Ms hatched with no spots, and a few only have a feather or two that are normal colored. I think Monarc was trying to breed out the spots there for a while, too... not sure.
There was albino coturnix(pink eyes) back in the late 60s. Not sure if any are still around, the other whites were english white.
Wow that's kind of disappointing to hear that my quail isn't special! I've been going every Monday to the quail farm for weeks now on hatching days, looking for a white chick. Does anyone know what happened to the real (pink-eyed) albinos??
I had a few back then, Marsh Farms was sold I think. The true albino, fell away because the english white were easier to raise.

I sold out of all mine, back in the 70s.

As far as I know, Albino of any species have red eyes and no colour pigments, if your bird has black eyes and white then thats what you got, not an albino.

I recently bred a red eyed white bird, that is not a albino as when it gets older has coloured patches. I expect I could breed out the coloured patches but it still would not be a "True albino"


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